Relocation Destination Services

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What We Offer

  • Unfurnished Rental Home Searches

    It’s hard for someone to focus on business when they’re unsure where they’re going to live. PCA can assist with everything up to signing the lease:

    • We know current trends and rates
    • We know area demographics
    • Neighborhood characteristics
    • We know all housing types
    • We’ll get you timely results

  • Orientation Tours

    PCA can provide a host of services to get our clients familiar with their new surroundings and settled in short order:

    • Neighbourhood orientation tours
    • Assistance in obtaining driver’s license, Social Insurance Number (S.I.N.), medical, school registration, vehicle registration
    • “Meet and greets”
    • Informative overviews with rental and real estate values and demographics

  • Settling In Services

    Our Settling Service package is an overall package for the relocating family. Starting with a Neighborhood Familiarization Tour and then a Rental Home Search or Real Estate Assistance, we also include the finer details such as:

    • Assistance in obtaining driver’s license
    • Social Insurance Number (S.I.N.)
    • Medical Plan Registration
    • School Registration
    • Vehicle Registration
    • “Meet and Greets”

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